Sunday, October 11, 2009

Small, unicellular
Has ribosomes, 4 billion years ago, No nucleus
DNA, simple, complex, nucleus
Many organelles, unicellular/multicellular, ribosomes
Larger, 1 billion years ago
By: Christian Clark



Small unicellular

Simple, less advanced, ribosomes


Advanced, larger, organelles

Large Multicellular



Small Cellular

Cell membranes DNA


Ribosomes, cytoplasm, flagella


By:Ayanna Smith


They are small little cells
All of their organisms are called unicellular
Prokaryotes only have ribosomes
Prokaryotes Prokaryotes
Those small small little cells
Prokaryotes were here for billions of years
Prokaryotes, Prokaryotes
O how we love them!
By Tatyana Morgan


More advanced, complex structure
functions body,moves round, different shapes
organelles, nuclear membrane/cytoplasm, unicellular organisms
functions body, moves ciccular, different shapes
largest, simplest type
By: Ahkija Spencer

What is

What is
What is the simplest type of cell
What is the largest group of organisms
What is in a unicellular organism
I'll tell you what they are
they are prokaryotic cells
What is more advanced
What is a nuclear membrane surrounding genetic material
What is something with a complex internal structure
I'll tell you its a eukaryotic cell
So what is
By: Chelsea Collier

Prokaryotes Vs. Eukaryotes

simple unicellular
living moving living 4 billion years of life
small have ribosomes/large have organelles
living many organelles living 1 billion years
advanced multicellular

By: Kameron Parks


Eukaryotic Cells
Big,Large,Cell Organelles
Living, Advancing,Reproducing
More DNA and Advanced/Less DNA and Smaller
Unicelluler,No Nuclear Membrane, DNA from Cytoplasm
Simplest and largest Group
Prokaryotic Cells
By: Tyneika Hudson

Friday, October 9, 2009


All living things reproduce
If we didn't reproduce we would die
It takes time to reproduce.
All organisms are made up of small units called cells.
Cells are the smallest unit of an organim.
All living things grow and develop
We change as we grow.
Growth is due to the increase in the size of the cell.
We all need energy.
It comes indirectly and directly from the sun.
Plants and other organisms use the sun's energy.
All of us living things respond to stimuli
Stimuli is anything that causes something to change in an organism
They are found on the inside and the outside

By: Corneisha Allen


How do living things reproduce?
Well it is a part of life
You have to reproduce for the world to keep going on
You can't put to an end cause it is a part of life.
Organization of living things
A cell is life so is an organism.
That small cell is an unit in an organism.
Just how we are a part of life.
Organisms are composed of many cells
while there are alot of people that make up life
A cell caries the function of life, wow
Every living thing has growth
A puppy grows by the milk of their parent and makes more cells
Just how new people make up life
As we change as we grow so do our organisms.
We have growth spans as we go through life.
Our growth span is 80 years but life is forever
Everyone has energy
Most of our energy comes from our sun
which comes directly and indirectly
Responding is life.
We respond to everything
We respond to stimuli
When someone snaps in our face we jump
Living things all respond.
Stimuli is on the inside and outside of us
but we are Life
By: Kayci Criss

My Life as Other Living Things

I am a lion that has been reproduced my mother
I am a communicator, sleeper, and living thing.
I am a mammal that is put in the same exact category as a human.
Most of all I am a living thing.

I am a Human
I am a human stands up 5 foot 7 in the sky.
I am a human that organizes my binder.
I am human that wears uniform to school.
I am Brandon

I am a Giraffe
I am Giraffe that comes out of my mom at 5 feet high.
I am a Giraffe that attitude grows better
I am a Giraffe that eats plants and walks like any other animal.
I am an adult Giraffe at 20 feet in height. I am a Living thing.

I am a cheetah
I am a cheetah that has black spots.
I am a cheetah that can run 60 miles per minute
I am a cheetah that has the energy for anything
Most of all I am am living.

I am a dog
I am a dog with the color of black.
I am a dog that obeys adults.
I am a dog that responds to food even when I am not hungry.
Best of all I am a dog.

By: Brandon Varner


Living Things Are Organized
They have small units called cells
Living Things Respond
They react to their surroundings
Ouch I touched a hot stove
Living Things Use Energy
They use energy to do everday things
I use energy to write poems
Living Things Grow and Develop
Cell Multiply or Divide Themselves
To reproduce more cells
By: Maleka Walker

Living Things....Life

Living Things...Life
living things you can observe our cells
Living things respond to their surronundings
Living Things ...Life
Living things use energy by some organisms
from the sun
Living things growth of many-celled
Living things ...Life
living things reproduce babies and dogs
Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Life
By: Savannah Campbell

Going Inside Living Things

Living Things Are
Organized into smaller
things called cells
Living things are
Babies come to the
Living things grow
and develop
Boys to to men
Girls to women
Living things
use energy
Sun,eat,drink,hold on
Living Things Respond
Ouch! When you touch
the hot stove
By Ahkija Spencer

Friday, October 2, 2009


All living things are organized
All cells have structures
Living things respond
They respond to their surrondings
Living things use energy
Organism use energy to produce
Living things grow
Organisms change as they grow
Living things reproduce
Without reproduction they wouldn't exist
By: Kameron Parks

Cells and Life

All living things are organized into smaller units called cells
Cells are what make you the person you are today
All living things respond to stimuli
That is how our body's are affected by change
All living things use energy for activities such as staying organized
Staying organized represents you well
All living things grow and develop
Living things must grow to share experiences
All living things reproduce
We must duplicate to share importances with the world
By : Tyneika Hudson

Living Things Are Like.......

Living Things are Like
Small Units Called Cells
Some Organisms, Which are Living Things, Have at Least 1 Cell
Responding to Stimuli
For an Organism to Survive, it Must Respond to Stimuli
Engery Helps to Stay Organized
You and Other Organisms Can't Use Energy From the Sunlight in the Sky
Growth and Development
An increase in Cells
Growth is Due to the Number and Amount of Cells
They Reproduce in Their Own Time and Space
Without Reproduction, Living Things Would Not Exixt to Replace
By: Jasmin Clark

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who are you?

I am a collection of molecules woven together to create the genetic cloth that is me.
I am the cloned genetic genius of my ancestry.
I am Imhotep, I am Rebecca Cole, I am Ben Carson, I am the future.
Who are you?
By R. Miller