Friday, October 9, 2009


How do living things reproduce?
Well it is a part of life
You have to reproduce for the world to keep going on
You can't put to an end cause it is a part of life.
Organization of living things
A cell is life so is an organism.
That small cell is an unit in an organism.
Just how we are a part of life.
Organisms are composed of many cells
while there are alot of people that make up life
A cell caries the function of life, wow
Every living thing has growth
A puppy grows by the milk of their parent and makes more cells
Just how new people make up life
As we change as we grow so do our organisms.
We have growth spans as we go through life.
Our growth span is 80 years but life is forever
Everyone has energy
Most of our energy comes from our sun
which comes directly and indirectly
Responding is life.
We respond to everything
We respond to stimuli
When someone snaps in our face we jump
Living things all respond.
Stimuli is on the inside and outside of us
but we are Life
By: Kayci Criss

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